Considering that step-by-step “3D” was one of the most defining elements for CRPGs in the early ’90s, it is surprising that this is the only construction kit (which I know of) that features such an interface. It’s not like there wouldn’t have been any audience, as Grimrock continues to show us some 20 years later.

DungeonCraft is a heir to the SSI program “Unlimited Adventures” (usually abbreviated “FRUA”, with “FR” standing for the game world “Forgotten Realms”) and as such is based on the same ruleset from the pen&paper RPG “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” (which you might also know from Baldur’s Gate and its ilk). The general interface is also pretty much the same, including the rather small 3D window, although¬†the graphics resolution has been increased.

The program includes a very flexible event logic constructor as well as a deep scripting language not unlike the one found in RPGMaker, so for the ambitious builder there is a lot to work with here. If you count yourself among those, definitely take a look.

DungeonCraft homepage

dc ss05

(In-game window.)

dc ss05

(Editor window.)