Boston Harbor (PD, Wikimedia Commons)Navigate to other sites! This is a selection of general links that do not concern either articles about CRPG design or specific editor pages.

Links are ordered by date of addition.



Game creation toolkit lists

Ambrosine’s Games Page – This site features numerous game creation resources; among others, a fairly extensive list of game creation toolsets, far more than I could cover here.

Comparative Creation Blog – The intention of this blog was to test and review as many game creation toolkits as possible, much like the CRPG Addict (see below) is doing with CRPGs. The project seems to have been abandoned, but the list of game creation software is still available.


CRPG Blogs

The CRPG Addict – A collection of “Let’s Plays” in written form. Intended to eventually list every single RPG ever, currently extending to the beginning ’90s. Very insightful.

CRPGs revisited –  A blog not unlike the Addict’s, but focused on indie and less known RPGs of the present day.

IndieRPGs – A blog tracking current and future indie RPG releases, kickstarter projects, and so on.


Other sites

The Ultima Codex – Everything Ultima related, also including fan remakes, expansions and much more.

The Cartographers’ Guild – Every good CRPG needs a map. The Guild is a large map creator community, so you can look at some fantastic maps, converse with the artists or learn how to make your own.