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Using Stop Signs

Posted by The Architect on June - 27 - 2016

(Inspired by this thread.) Before¬†thinking about ways to block off¬†an area, we must first decide whether we want to implement such blockades at all. I’m not talking about locked doors here, but large-scale blockades which impede the journey into the next part of the game world until a certain requirement is reached. The opposite approach  [ Read More ]

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As Water Grinds Stone

Posted by The Architect on June - 14 - 2016

Yes, this is a post about grinding. No, don’t just run away! I’m aware that this is not exactly the most popular game mechanic ever invented, but there’s more to it than meets the eye, and certainly more than the “Bring me 100 frog ears” treadmill that defines so much of the MMORPG genre. Note:  [ Read More ]

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