If you’re just looking for something to play, the Dark Disciples games are here to fill your CRPG needs. Old-school turn-based goodness, heavy on exploration, puzzles and secrets, easy to play, what more do you need? All of them have been tuned with DxWnd to run on Win10 as well.

Dark Disciples 1

The first of the Dark Disciples games has you fulfill your late father’s obligations so your family is free of debt. Obviously, this turns out to be more difficult than imagined, and you will eventually travel through the icy north and the blazing deserts to accomplish your task…

Download here!

Dark Disciples 2: Rise of the Earth Spirits

The successor builds on the same streamlined gameplay principles and adds depth and complexity in almost every respect. On your quest to save your homeland from the rampaging earth spirits, you will this time visit jungle realms and an oriental kingdom.


Dark Disciples 3: Temple of Eternity

Temple of Eternity has been built with a modified Dark Disciples 2 engine (among others, introducing hidden Lore as an additional resource to spend skill points on) and goes far beyond the Rise of the Earth Spirits campaign. It is easily the most complex of the three campaigns, filled to the brim with deep dungeons, perplexing puzzles, ancient secrets, fallen deities, intrigues among undead magi and so on. There’s a reason it has its own cluebook.