An ambitious project created by a member of the Legend of Grimrock community, DarkDale is meant to build upon the dungeon crawl experience of the Grimrock titles by adding a role-playing component similar to the Ultima games. Seeing how this is an element I was always missing myself, I’m quite eager to follow the process on this one (and judging by the interest in custom dialogue systems for Grimrock I’m probably not alone there).

DarkDale is scheduled to include a level editor similar to those in the Grimrock games, which is probably the most interesting feature.

The premise and the published material are impressive enough that I thought they warrant DarkDale a place here, even though it’s still a work in progress. But I suggest you see for yourself.


(In-game screenshot. See? There’s a dialogue option.)


(Editor screenshot. Looks much like Legend of Grimrock. Which is a good thing.)