So, what can you expect here? Well, as the subtitle implies, it is concerned with the creation of Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs; and by “computer”, I am in fact referring to the PC platform). In particular, it focuses on recreating – and building on – the experience delivered by the CRPG classics from the ’90s. As the ascension of indie- and retro-games shows, there’s still quite a demand for elements from earlier days which is rarely satisfied by today’s major productions (see here for a more in-depth examination).

Even more specifically, this site is meant to be a focal point for those wanting to try their hands at one of the various toolkits that have been created over the years, many of them in the indie area. While most of those toolkits have their own sites which help with all kind of technical problems, you’ll rarely find guidance for creative questions. Now of course, the people who wish to create games without a lot of coding usually come from the creative side and likely have a whole bunch of ideas for their game; however, once you get down to actually building that game, location for location, creature for creature, you will sooner or later come to questions you never knew you would have to answer. Fully populating a city, filling it with virtual life and making it into a place the player really loves to visit and explore, for instance, is actually a lot of work.

When I set out to turn all my ideas into a game, I arrived at those questions and began looking for answers. I looked for a place like this, but, well, there was none. So when I was done, I decided my next project would be this site, at first based on my condensed knowledge and experience from games, books, websites and so on. There’s no need for everyone recreating the wheel, right? So, if you recognize these thoughts, if you’re thinking of creating your own CRPG, I’m certain you’ll find something interesting here. And if you’re interested in playing such games, this site can serve as a starting point just as well.