Dark Disciples II (or “DD2” for short) has a somewhat different focus than most of the other programs on this list. Contrary to the RPGMaker, for instance, it doesn’t give you a lot of freedom in altering the game system, i.e. creating new spells, character classes and so on; even the ability to create new items is limited. However, it vastly surpasses any other toolkit I know when it comes to the meat of the game, namely the level creation (or “mapping”). Where even the newest RPGMaker incarnation, MV, offers only most basic chest and door events and forces you create everything else within the game’s scripting language, DD2 gives you the choice of about eighty┬ástandard events, from secret doors and portals activated by certain items to the ability of manipulating multiple doors, traps and energy fields with a single lever thanks to the easy-to-use flag system.

Because of this, it would currently be my recommendation if you just had the “creative urge” to create a CRPG, but no really specific requirements in terms of the game system. It would have been impossible for me to create the complex locations in “Temple of Eternity” in even twice the time in RPGMaker. So, even if you never heard of it before, I suggest you give it a try.


(In-game view.)


(Editor – just some of the many pre-made events.)