Right now, I’m only hosting campaigns for Dark Disciples II here. As concerns material for the other programs, please refer to their specific homepages.

(To install these campaigns, simply replace the original “Mod” directory with these respective “Mod” directories.)


Rise of the Earth Spirits

This campaign was written by the creator of Dark Disciples II, Laurens Lafebre. It is moreĀ episodic in nature, and these episodes often lead you to lands quite unlike what is seen in many other CRPGs – you will find yourself, for instance, in tribal jungle valleys reminiscent of ancient Africa or a ninja monastery. As the learning curve isn’t very steep, this adventure can also be recommended to CRPG beginners.

Download (includes maps of the City of Durwich and a basic walkthrough)


Temple of Eternity

This is my own DD2 campaign. It is clearly heavier than Rise and probably not suitable for CRPG beginners. Advanced CRPG players will find a vast land of complex and detailed locations, including one of the largest CRPG cities ever seen (well, in terms of population, not pixels).

Download (includes manual and map of the game world)

There’s also a cluebook for ToE which is constantly being expanded; contact me if you’re interested.